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Gift Ideas for students

As you’re reading this, the holidays are already in full swing in the stores and in the media. You’ve probably already thought about gifts for your students fs that something you want to do. However, this time of year can get hectic as you’re still trying to balance looking forward to some vacation time with needing to finish up a lot of work before the vacation happens. Your students know that you work hard for them all year long and they don’t expect gifts for the holidays. However, if you do decide that you want to do a little something for your students, here are some great ideas.

  1. Free homework passes
  2. Free dress passes ( if your school requires a uniform)
  3. A package of content related stickers
  4. Sit-with-a- friend coupons
  5. Homemade sketchbooks. Learn how to make them here.
  6. A photo of you and the student in a homemade frame. Check out an easy way to make frames here.
  7. Blank clipboards. During your holiday party give students a chance to decorate their own clipboards with markers and glitter and stickers.
  8. A pencil taped to a personalized card
  9. Books from your classroom library
  10. Bags of homemade Play-Doh or slime
  11. Glow sticks that you can buy in bulk in places like this.
  12. Homemade bookmarks with a personalized message from you

You can also consider giving gifts to the whole class. Check out some ideas here:

  1. Set a date for a movie party.
  2. Give one extra recess per month for the rest of the school year.
  3. Buy classroom games that can be used by students during indoor recess or centers.
  4. Add popular new books to your classroom library.
  5. Plan an exciting field trip.
  6. Donate to an organization that is related to something you studied in your classroom’s name.
  7. Set up a Skype call or visit from an author.
  8. Create a playlist with students’ favorite school-appropriate songs. Play the mix during transition times throughout the year.

What types of gifts or celebrations do you do before winter vacation? We’d love to hear how you celebrate with your students.

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